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Dear guests,
also as a holidays object private renter am I obliges the general business conditions (AGB) to publish.
They serve for the mutual juridical protection and they are a component of the guest admission contract.
Therefore, you take please the time to read Terms and Conditions.

AGB / General business conditions:
1. Reservation conditions (terms):
The reservation of the holiday apartment occurs in writing by e-mail or by fax.
The information of the names and entire addresses of all travel participants and, in addition, the information of the age of the travelling with children up to the majority is necessary.
The reservation occurs trough the booking guest – also for every other guest performed in the reservation for whose contract obligations the booking guest answers like for his own obligations – provided that other travelling with guests issue no suitable own or separate obligation declaration.
The general terms of business, according to the Internet site are expressly recognised (accepted) with the reservation (entry).
The deposit is at the same time the festival reservation as well as the confirmation about the fact that the booking guest – and the travelling with guests issue, perhaps, a separate obligation declaration – the general terms of business of the Mrs. Gisela Herber  on the Internet site and also the information (data) on the whole (complete) Internet site  have read and these of term and the other travel participants are accepted.
By reservation end is to be transferred to 1/3 of the complete price as a deposid. I request for my guests the transfer of the deposid within 7 days after reservation. After payment entrance the reservation becomes final.
The confirmation of the payment entrance is the occupied mark of the respective time in the availability calendar on With these processes the guest admission contract is automatically closed (concluded).
If the deposit does not occur within 2 weeks after the booking guest my correspondent (bank account) has received, the holiday apartment can be award to other guests.
The final payment (2/3 of the complete price) plus security is ti be transferred at the latest till 4 weeks before journey (arrival).
2. Travel resignation costs assurance:
A travel resignation costs assurance is recommended. Please, remember that this policy must be taken out within 14 days (2 weeks) after reservation (entry).
3. Cancellation:
With cancellation the following (resulting) results from the guest admission contract:
For every (any) day of the booked and period (interval) cancelled then – cannot be rented by me anew – there are from the guest 90 % of the overnight price dependent on the company number according to valid price list (see side prices) on as a cancellation fee. With untimely departure no allowance of the costs (expenses) occurs for the not used overnight stays.
4. Journey (Arrival) and departure:
Journey (Arrival) from 16 o´clock – departure till 10 o´clock.
These time are valid. Former journey or later departure please only after arrangement.
The thorough final cleaning of the 5-star-holiday apartment (DTV) requires a certain time. I ask for understanding.
5. Least rent times:
3 overnights stays (see please site "prices" under
With interest in divergent reservation periods you send please a email.
The written arrangements are valid it concerning the obligingly booked overnight stays which were met in particular cases between guests and host according to festival confirmation = occupied mark.
6. Security:
A security of 150 €, with more than 6 guests of 200 €, is raised.
With proper state (no damages to property, the security amount about 4 weeks is refunded for house, holiday apartment, inventory etc.), see please 8th final cleaning, the security is refunded 4 weeks after departure and on receipt of the telephone charge calculation.
In addition the guest announces his bank account.
At the same time opportunity is given to the host with it for a thorough and careful inspection of the provided holiday apartment etc..
Costs (Expenses) for waste disposal not occurred through the guest, costs for substitute of missing objects, for repair, new acquisition, special cleaning and raised final cleaning are charged etc. to the guest and are settled with a damage value up to height of the security directly with the security.
The expense account or calculation (bill) is made available to the guest (by request).
7. Damages by guests:
For all damages caused by a guest (wear damages) in the holiday apartment, as well as in house and property and devices (appliances) which did not exit before the journey (arrival) and are caused therefore by the in case actual guests compensation is not demanded to the full extent. With departure hidden damages are photographed and documented. The damages are informed of the guest and compensation is demanded. Should the payment be refused, compensation on the legal process is sued.
I take seriously my controlling obligation very much and check the holiday apartment after every departure very carefully, because I invest yearly bigger amounts for maintenance etc., because 5-stars (DTV) are quite a special obligation concerning the high-class standard.
Thus I am informed very well about the actual state of the holiday apartment before journey of the next guests and also the already available use tracks are known to me. The guests can count the fact that I charge no damages of previous guests with them. Also malfunctions by material fatique  (loosened  cupboard hinges etc.) or sudden not functioning of older small electrical appliances are never evaluated by me than damages, but it we are provided as quickly as possible for remedy (repair, new acquisition).
To avoid additional problems, the guest to the host missing, broken or lost and by improper service or treatment does not have to announce  any more functioning or damaged inhouse appliances and objects at the latest before departure and to pay. Thus is guaranteed that the following guests are not thereby disadvantaged possibly.
8. Final cleaning:
The final cleaning is included. The beds are covered. Moreover please side "prices"
  • The guest gives the used bedclothes and bad laundry please before departure in the being ready baskets.
  • The garbage and all brought objects must be removed with departure.
  • The garbage must be brought in the tonnes (barrels) intend for it and municipal collective container.
  • The complete cooking dishes and table dishes must be rinsed cleanly and stand on his place. This is also valid for all glasses, baking    utensils and cooking utensils, cutleries, small devices, place sets, fresh hold tins etc..
  • The complete fitted kitchen must be clean inside and outside. Rinsing, washer, cooking field, particularly the oven, work surfaces and fridge as well as biology fresh cooling also belong to it. (The oven is good to keep clean if the dishes and cakes and pastries are covered with suitable lids or with pan liner.)
  • The garden grill equipment (mobile multi function grill and fire wok) as well as the terrace chimney is to be cleaned by the guest after use or before departure.
For proper fulfilment the cleaning agents are made available to the guest.
These facilities and objects must be left with departure in perfectly cleaned state and completely (now with journey found).
After explicit arrangement and against payment the guest can deliver his cleansing duties to the host.
9. Exclusive legal venue is the court responsible for the company site.
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