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„Fly“ into your eagle´s nest!
Holiday apartment Adlerhorst-Hunsrück in Hattgenstein
(Rhineland-Palatinate, Hunsrück, directly in the national park Hunsrück-Hochwald)
Awarded with 5 stars (*****) by the German Tourist Board (DTV), this holiday home situated 500 m above sea level offers great panoramic views (private path). Electro-stress free, construction-biologically built country home (truss wood / clay construction) on the Southern rim of the "Schwarzwälder Hochwald" in "nature park Saar-Hunsrück".
Detailed description:
  • exclusive 5-star holiday home, 210m2 + 3 balconies, for 2 - 12 guests and 2 smaller children
  • electro-stress free, non-smoking house (truss wood / clay construction) the ideal place for people who suffer from allergies
  • surrounded by nature on a private path in a stunning and sunbathed situation with lots of privacy and plenty of fresh air (low mountain range region)
  • for active or relaxing holidays all year round on the Southern rim of the Schwarzwald high forest in the Nature Park of Saar-Hunsrück and in the national park Hunsrück-Hochwald
  • close to the German Gem Route and Idar-Oberstein, the Gem centre (precious stones and jewellery)
  • as well as to the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig, the Sironaweg (Sirona Path) with its Götterallee (avenue of the gods)
  • and the winter sports centre Erbeskopf
Good bye to the rat race, welcome to the holiday world.

You will feel as happy as a clam at high tide in this generous 5-star country home ambiance. Only the best furniture is good enough, of course always with the health aspect of our guests in mind. The rooms are bright and the omnipresent, warm earth-colouring (natural materials) will give you a feeling and a feeling of cosiness and freedom at the same time.
You can literally feel that the hospitality comes straight from the heart. No fuss and no frills.
The Adlerhorst-Hunsrück is ideal for families with children, couples, senior citizens and small groups. Its also perfect for people with allergies or those who are sensitive to electro-smog, environmentally damaged people or the disabled. We are doing our utmost to do everything for our dear guests in order to make them feel relaxed and find the refuge they need to recover. This is partly achieved by offering them the cosiness of the country life combined with the amenities of modern living.
This is the perfect place if you are looking for inner peace and serenity.
Our guests are often saying that the Adlerhorst-Hunsrück is "Wellness pure". They even name it "de luxe Hunsrück ".
We regularly call on specialists (Umweltanalytik Maes and Oeko-logo) to measure construction-biological and ecological levels on the premises. The reports are at your disposal if you wish to have a look at them. Mobile phones and similar appliances must always be switched off within the fenced off area.
Our property is situated on a private path (no traffic) in a region considered to have the cleanest air of Germany (according to readings taken by the Federal Ministry for Environment).
The entrance door to the house is level (no steps). A large wooden platform staircase (closed stairway) leads to the upper floor and to the Adlerhorst (eagles nest) in the attic. Umbrellas and a shelf for outdoor shoes are at your disposal too.
Totally private living on 210 m2 (living / dining / kitchen = 80m2, rest = 130 m2) plus 3 balconies. The bedrooms are on the upper floor and in the attic. The furniture is made of natural wood, and there is natural carpeting everywhere (without glue, as you find it done in some of the environmental clinics).
Bedrooms on the upper floor: double room "Starry Sky" with double bed plus lattice cot. Twin room "Butterfly" with 2 single beds plus 1 air bed.
Bedrooms in the attic: double room "Heart Chamber" with double bed, plus lattic cot.
Family debroom "badger cave" with 1 double bed and 3 single beds.
The generous living / dining / kitchen area is open space with a masonry heater right in the centre (centrally heated, with heated bench).
Living: Big corner couch with poofe and couch table. Massive wall-fitted cupboard range with SAT TV, DVD. Salt crystal lighting, precious stone arrangements, telephone (cheap tariffs for German landline connections), chess, parlour games, info kit. In the "Blue Corner", you have an ear rest armchair, a chest of drawers with toys, CDs, brochures, a reading lamp, radio / cassette / CD and a humidifier.
High chairs for children, old original farm cupboard with plenty of dishes and cutlery. Antique sideboard. In the livingarea is the ground from Oak, otherwise stone ground.
Kitchen: from core beech, great cooking island with stools to the eatingarea; with dishwasher, Ceram stove, turning heat, oven, micro-wave, fridge with freezer part, bio-fresh cooling, multi-use cutter, coffee machine, toaster, kettle and egg cooker, hand blender, handheld blender, good quality cooking utensils including WOK.
In the adjoining small box room, you will find all necessary utensils for rubbish sorting, but also things like vacuum cleaner, one stepp ladder, iron, utensils for barbecues, rucksack, etc.
In the holiday apartment, you have a hotel safe for your valuables.
Hall: cloakroom, 2 linen cupboards and woodenstair in the attic.
Bath: Floor and walls in Jura marble with slate insertions. Under floor heating, bath tub, shower cabin, sink, WC, hair drier, scales, hand and bath towels, etc.
In all bedrooms is the ground from biology Linoleum.

Description of the area:
No bitumen - no Jodeldö-Tourism. Instead absolutely great moments out in the country, in the outback so to say but not really remote. Here you can enjoy lush nature and true relaxation in the fresh air of this low mountain range region. Thoughts of your everyday life move to the background. No room for those here! You have jumped off your usual orbit (stop the world, I want to get off...) and enjoy the time in space, so to say enjoy that wonderfully different frame of mind.
The 3200m2 of fenced grounds (on a private path, traffic free) with its old trees, is set out in the style of a natural garden. No fine particle problems, simply the best air you can get in the whole of Germany (according to measurements made by the Federal Ministry of Environment).
Lounge around on the furniture of our large wooden terrace or on the sun lawn with its sun beds. Jump into the hammock or hide from the sun under the sun shade, at the waterfall with its creek and around fish pond.

Details of the rooms:
No. of the rooms:
  • Sleeps max.: 12 Persons and 2 smaller children
  • Living room: 1
  • Bedroom: 4 Living space (square meters): 210
  • Bathroom: 1
  • Kitchen: 1
  • double room: 2
  • single room: -
  • suite: -
  • multiple-bed room: 2
  • Other rooms: Separate WC room: 1 WC, 1 urinal, ablution space.

Equipment inside:
  • Miscellaneous: Heating, Fireplace, Safe, Cot, High chair, Bed-linen provided, Towels provided, Dishcloths provided
  • Kitchen: Fully fitted kitchen, Fridge, Dish washer, Microwave, Oven, Washing machine, Iron, Coffee machine, Toaster
  • Bathroom: Bath/Shower, Bath, Clothe horse, WC, Hairdryer
  • Sleeping possibilities: Single beds, Double beds, Sofa beds
  • Communication facilities: CD Player, DVD Player, TV, Internet, SAT equipment, Phone, Radio
  • Other facilities: Fitness room with cross trainer, rowing machine, trampoline, Chi-machine.

Equipment outside:
  • Miscellaneous: Parking space, Terrace, Balcony, Garden furniture, Sun benches, big Multifunktionsgrill and Firebasket with wok, grill wood for free
  • Other equipment outside: 9 Bikes, 2 table tennis, trampoline, badminton, double swing with climbing ladder, slide with horizontal bar, tree house, “pirate boat”, cart, bobby car, pedal tractor with trailer, etc.

  • Catering
  • self catering

Specific features:
  • Pets not accepted
  • No smoking, Suitable for the disabled

Those who wish can come with us for deer watching (only at specific spots in the woods nearby). During the rut season in autumn, they sometimes come pretty close to the house. Quite often, you can hear their belling from the house.
Roe deer and their fawn play hide and seek around the property.

Leisure activities:
Hiking, Nordic Walking, Jogging, Cycling, Carriage rides, Swimming, Tennis, Table Tennis, Trampoline, Golf, Minigolf, Archery, Visits to precious-stone mines, copper and slate mines, precious stone exhibitions and museums. Excursions to Celtic and roman relics, animal- and game parks, partly with birds of prey flying shows. Farming markets, Karl-May festival (famous German films about Red Indians e.g. Winnetou), precious stone grinders and gold smith market, summer toboggan.

How to find us:
If you need a detailed description on how to get here, please let us know when you book so we can send you the details with the confirmation of your booking by mail.

The Hunsrück is a nearly totally wooded area on the high plateau between Rhine (to the East), Mosel (to the North), Saar (to the West) and Nahe (to the South).

Hattgenstein, the highest village in Germany on the left side of the Rhine, is about 10 km to the West of Idar-Oberstein

  • to the airport: 35  km
  • to the railway station: 15  km
  • to the sea: -  km
  • Bakery and supermarket: 1  km
  • to the restaurant: 1  km
  • to the beach (lake): 15  km

The guests of the top holiday apartment Adlerhorst-Hunsrück can be glad about especially family-friendly prices. The prices are graded not after seasonal times, but after duration of stay. That is the longer your stay, the more favourably the overnight price. Thus dependent guests are not disadvantaged by holiday times.

  • from 21 overnights     stays:
  • 90,00 € per night for 2 guests, every other guest 15,00 € per night.
    • from 14 overnights     stays:
    100,00 € per night for 2 guests, every other guest 16,00 € per night.
    • from 10 overnights     stays
    110,00 € per night for 2 guests, every other guest 18,00 € per night.
    • from 7 overnights     stays:
    120,00 € per night for 2 guests, every other guest 20,00 € per night.
    • with 5 and 6     overnight stays:
    130,00 € per night for 2 guests, every other guest 23,00 € per night.
    • with 3 and 4     overnights:
       140,00 € per night for 2 guests, every other guest 25,00 € per night.
    • with 1 and 2     overnight stays:

    The price of 3 overnights stays is calculated.
Long time stays (longer than 4 weeks):
Price on inquiry by email.

Dear guests,
own health problems let to the realisation that everything moulder what and is feasible, is not necessarily good or friendly to life.
From this realisation, we have used deliberately wood and natural building materials in her pure form by construction of this country house.
The biggest attention was given, already during the planning phase and construction phase to the avoidance of stress by stream and radiation.
Thus we have done our best, so that the house has become a real refuge and a pole of the rest on a powerful place in the nature.
The Adlerhorst-Hunsrück, with his wide view above the meadows and mountains, opens horizons and sharpens the senses.
In this self-evident fact seldom become nowadays and liberty, our guests can participate with pleasure.
We invite you to use for it your valuable holidays, to consider themselves on the essentials and to feel fine right to ourselves!
"Future will be possible only if we learn, on the things which would be feasible to renounce we do not need them." (Günter Grass)
"We live in a culture of indifference which not is seldom pitiless at the end." (Pope Franziskus, Christmas Mass in 2015)
Important detailed information, particularly for environmental-injured, electric-sensitive and allergically reactive guests:
  • Historical     construction method: wooden framework and loam (typical for country).
  • Roof and outer walls     with wooden fiber isolation. The whole year pleasant temperature.
  • Untreated wood in     the interior.
  • No natural Terpene     (suitable species of wood and long aerial drying).
  • Clean air and clean     drinking water in the national park and nature reserve.
  • Single situation in     private way – no traffic.
  • Timber house in     grown natural massive wood.
  • Biological     construction.
  • Inside with loam.
  • Bright room,     equipment oriented to health.
  • Non-smokers house.
  • No animal hair in     the holiday flat.
  • Wall radiation     heating, no dust in the breath air.
  • Heating and hot     water with growing again raw resources.
  • Cleaning agent and     detergent without odoriferous substances.
  • No insecticides or     disinfectants.
  • Aviation protection     at windows and balcony doors.
  • Allergy suffers     bedding – is treated in the vacuum.
  • Special vacuum     cleaner with Hepa-filters.
  • Toilet rinse wit     rainwater.
  • Garbage separation.
  • Freely from     environmental poisons like solvent, pesticides etc. (by extensive     measurements checked).
  • Own stream     production with Photovoltaik in 200 m distance.
  • No high-tension     lines in the environs.
  • Subterranean stream supply     (no roof stand).
  • House completely     with shielded cables install.
  • Additional net     connections in almost all rooms.
  • Dividing circuits in     many rooms.
  • Analogous phone     without magnetic field.
  • No Mobile and DECT phone in the house.
  • Radiation suitor     Internet access DSL about shielded cable.
  • No Standby,     separation by tilting counter.
  • No clock radios, but     battery alarm clocks.
  • No Baby phone.
  • No Energy savings     lamps.
  • House roof and outer     walls with high-frequency screening.
  • No being off sick     load by:
  • Low frequency     (electric and magnetic change fields).
  • Electrostatics     (electric same fields).
  • Magnetostatik     (magnetic same fields).
  • High frequency     (electromagnetic waves).
(Environmental analysts have made here in the years 1997, in 2006, in 2008 and 2010 detailed measurements:
Interior pollutants, electric smog and earth rays. Result: Everything very well – congratulation!)
In the meantime, measurements with own LF- and HF-measuring-instruments as well as radiästhesie.
The result is called by the guests as "wellness purely" and "Hunsrück de luxe".
We see this formulation as an honouring and we thank for it.
At the same time it is a confirmation that real alternatives are accepted in this time with stress caused a lot technically with pleasure.

To preserve these advantages in the 5-star ambience, we ask our guests expressly:
In the holiday flat and in the whole house and the fenced around court area to let the mobile phone leave please completely switched off.
This is also valid for all devices / play devices mobile radio are pursued.
Any offence indicates the measuring instrument and the guests can be expelled from the holiday flat.
The guests who cannot use the holiday as a real recreational time because they are dependent on mobile phone & Co should not ask for with us or book.
The guests who want to be free at least on holiday who look for internal rest and balance which want to feel the strength of the nature and enjoy a real atmosphere for good sensations are pretty welcome. They can be glad about real quality of life and a healthy residential climate.
Our relevant service for you, dear guests:
A DSL-Phone is available in the holiday flat to you. You receive his phone number directly after the reservation. Thus you can call any time or are called.
In the German fixed network and the fixed network the adjoining countries you can call up for free.
Telephone calls in the remaining foreign countries and to mobile phones are not toll-free.
The costs are brought (if necessary on proof) in your security in deduction.

Contact dates:
Contact: Mrs. Gisela Herber
We speak: german, english
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