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Price / availablity

  • Grill wood and firewood for outside
  • Candles/tea lights, culinary paper, pan liner, coffee filter, all washing-up liquids, liquid soap, shampoo/shower gel, bubble bath, cosmetics cloths, toilet paper, all garbage bags
  • Seasonal flat decorations
  • From 2 weeks of stay 1 x laundry washing, incl. washing powder
  • Use of a baby carriage
  • Use of all called play devices and sport devices, 9 bicycles (on own danger/risk)
  • Easter: 1 Easter basket
  • Ascension and Pentecost 1 bottle of home secco
  • From the 01st of October to be 15th of December: 1 Hunsrücker harvest basket (from the bio farm)
  • Christmas: 1 great real and decorated Christmas tree
  • On inquiry we lend you with pleasure the table decoration for your familiy celebration.

This "packet" is a present which all guests receive with pleasure, in addition. On this gift packet, or on parts from it, no guest a legal entitlement.
Here you can check availablity:
We are looking forward to your booking request.
The guests of the top holiday apartment Adlerhorst-Hunsrück can be glad about especially family-friendly prices. The prices are graded not after seasonal times, but after duration of stay. That is the longer your stay, the more favourably the overnight price. Thus dependent guests are not disadvantaged by holiday times.

  • from 21 overnights     stays:
 90,00 € per night for 2 guests, every other guest 15,00 € per night.
  • from 14 overnights     stays:
100,00 € per night for 2 guests, every other guest 16,00 € per night.
  • from 10 overnights     stays
110,00 € per night for 2 guests, every other guest 18,00 € per night.
  • from 7 overnights     stays:
120,00 € per night for 2 guests, every other guest 20,00 € per night.
  • with 5 and 6     overnight stays:
130,00 € per night for 2 guests, every other guest 23,00 € per night.
  • with 3 and 4     overnights:
    140,00 € per night for 2 guests, every other guest 25,00 € per night.
  • with 1 and 2     overnight stays:
     The price of 3 overnights stays is calculated.
Long time stays (longer than 4 weeks):
Price on inquiry by email.
The Adlerhorst-Hunsrück is connected to the German tourism association (DTV) and is distinguished with 5 stars. With your reservation a guest admission contract (no hire contract) is closed. Thus you can be sure that except you no other guests have admission.
In the main vacation time (middle of June till the middle of September) only reservations from at last 7 overnight stays are possible.
About Christmas, New Year´s Eve and New Year only one reservation of 14 overnight stays is possible. Certainly you understand.
Ad the possession (order) is available to you, depending on how a lot of guests are it, a flat surface of 150 to 210 square metres only.
They always book (all the same how many guests) kitchen, dining room, sitting room, the Floorboard and the great marble bath. Wit 4 and more guests also the separate toilet space (with WC, Urinal and washing place). The allocation of the cubicles is fixed before the final reservation. With 2 guests 1 bedroom with 2 beds. If every guest wishes a separate bedroom, is announced before the reservation. Then is a unique surcharge of 30,00 € is due per additional cubicle. Babies (to 12 month old) in the referring cot – in the bedroom of the parents – are free.
The prices are incl. referring beds, shower cloths and towels, culinary cloths and tablecloths with journey. Heating, energy, could and hot water, garbage fees and final cleaning:
Cleaning of cooking utensils and dinner set, cutlery, to glasses as well as complete kitchen with electrical appliances. Disposal of garbage and distance (removal) of all brought objects from flat and property. Cleaning of the outside grill devices.
With arrival
If a bowl with fresh fruit stands on the dining table.
With departure
Receive a small precious stone present.
Should there be questions or problems, simply speak to us. We help with pleasure. Should break a little bit or pass another mishap – please you speak with us of it. This saves you an us additional annoyance.
Journey and departure day is Saturday.
Journey from 16 o´clock, departure till 10 o´clock. Divergences are possible after arrangement.

Arrival and departure by public transport:
After prior agreement, we will pick up our guests from the train station or bus stop and take them there again on depature.
At the latest 14 days after reservation must be paid as a deposit 1/3 of the whole price. The rest = 2/3 + security is to be paid at the latest 4 weeks before journey. With reservation 6 weeks before journey, the total with security is to be paid directly. With reservation 3 days before journey, the total + security is to be paid with journey and before move in cash.
Please, follow:
With the whole price are 150,00 € of security to pay 200,00 € of security with more than 6 guests. With proper state (as on top described and no coarse soiling or garbage, no damages) the security is paid back 4 weeks after departure to you. Give us please the bank accound. By coarse soiling or for waste disposal the expenditure coasts are brought in deduction. With damages the coasts are brought for repair, new purchase or special cleaning in deduction or are settled.
With cancellation / absenteeism:
If become 90 % of the day rent price of every day in which the flat cannot be otherwise rented as a cancellation  free due. Travel resignation assurance is recommended.
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